Free Online Home Workout Plan Creator

Design effective home workout routines without equipment 🏋️‍♀️🏋️‍♂️🏠

Last updated June 23, 2024
Enable this feature to leverage our cutting-edge AI technology for superior performance and more accurate results! Powered by Claude-3 and GPT-4.
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  • Superior performance
  • More customization options
  • Faster generation
  • Chrome Extension access


  1. 1Select your fitness level (beginner, intermediate, or advanced) and any specific goals you have (e.g., weight loss, muscle building, etc.).
  2. 2Choose the type of workout you prefer (e.g., cardio, strength training, yoga, etc.) and the duration you can commit to each day.
  3. 3Indicate any equipment you have available at home (e.g., resistance bands, dumbbells, yoga mat, etc.).
  4. 4Review and confirm your inputs, then click the 'Generate' button to get your personalized home workout plan created by AI.


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