ChatMove AI: ChatGPT Sidebar with GPT-4, Claude 3 + Powerful AI Tools.

🧙 Magical AI Content Creation Assistant for the web

Supports reading, writing, media (image/video) creation and editing, vision, coding, and more.


Chrome Favorite (Featured)

ChatMove vs ChatGPT

What is the difference Between ChatGPT and ChatMove? Lots of things…


$20/mo (ChatGPT Plus)

🧙 $14/mo (ChatMove AI)

Chat Interface


Claude AI


Open Source Models


GPT-4o Voice & Vision


Stable Diffusion XL


Leonardo AI




AI Image Editing


AI Video Enhancement




Unlock Benefits of ChatMove


Enjoy 8.5 Extra Hours Weekly

Experience a 90% reduction in time spent on picture designing, article writing, and searching for solutions. ChatMove is a faster and more efficient way to work!


AI Assistance, Anytime & Anywhere

Call for help from AI in any situation - web browsing, video watching, document writing, business chats, coding, and more! Hello to unparalleled productivity!


More Creative & Comprehensive

Prepare to be amazed by ChatMove expanding your imagination and knowledge beyond human limits.

Frequently Asked Questions about ChatMove AI

ChatMove is a powerful AI-powered Chrome extension that integrates multiple AI models from companies like OpenAI, Google, Anthropic, Mistral, Leonardo, Stable Diffusion, and more. It acts as your personal AI assistant, providing effortless chatting, copywriting, and content creation capabilities directly within your chrome browser.

Nope! ChatMove is a standalone app that gives you the full power of ChatGPT inside a beautiful interface with additional features that you can't get with OpenAI's native ChatGPT app.

Currently ChatMove gives all users access to the leading AI chat models and image generation models. For chat, available models include GPT-4, GPT-4o, GPT-4 Turbo, GPT-4 Vision, Claude 2 & 3, Mistral, Meta Llama and more. For image generation the models include Stable Diffusion and Leonardo AI. Video Generation includes our own in-house built AI Video Generator based on Stable Diffusion.

Yes! You can start for free to try it out, limited to 10 calls a day.

We're keeping a close eye on everything happening in the fast-paced AI space. When a model we support releases an upgrade, we'll be implementing it as quickly as possible—typically within a day—so ChatMove users will always be on the cutting edge.

The free plan limits are mostly based on the number of calls to the AI, only allowing 10 a day as a free trial.