Free Online IEP Goal Mastery Analyzer

Assess when students have mastered IEP goals 📊✅🧠

Last updated June 23, 2024
Enable this feature to leverage our cutting-edge AI technology for superior performance and more accurate results! Powered by Claude-3 and GPT-4.
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  • Superior performance
  • More customization options
  • Faster generation
  • Chrome Extension access


  1. 1Enter the student's name and grade level.
  2. 2List the IEP goals you want to assess for mastery.
  3. 3Provide details on the student's current performance level for each goal.
  4. 4Optionally, you can provide any additional context or instructions.
  5. 5Click the 'Generate' button to get an AI-powered analysis of when the student is likely to master each IEP goal.


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